Here at the Alumni Brand Detroit we believe in the power of choice, that is why every item for sale is available in both of your school colors, or in some instances three.

Christopher Wallace AKA Biggie Smalls said it best when he shouted out “HIS DETROIT PLAYERS,” because our style sets precedent World-Wide! With an array of wares to choose from, most of our products can be made to order.

We recognize that some clients enjoy custom clothing so we give you options when ordering our merchandise. The signature long-sleeved apparel comes standard with our trademarked Alumni Logo on the right sleeve. If Bling is your thing, we have it! If you want the neighbors to know your name, we’ll put it wherever you want! Please call our Customer Service Department to place your Custom Order at 313-808-3364

The driving force behind The Alumni Brand is our beloved connection to Murray Wright High (SHOUT OUT TO THE CLASS OF ’82 & ’83). Whether your school is still standing; or long gone, this is the place to homage your Alma Mater with your own flavor!